The Right Gaming Mouse

While a gaming mouse is not exactly super different from a regular mouse, and for many different computer games, you can still use a regular mouse, there is a comfort and convenience that a gaming mouse brings that makes gaming a bit more fun, and at least makes it look cooler. Now what sets a gaming mouse apart from a regular mouse is not the light designs and the ergonomic design that it has, instead the availability to customize the mouse buttons and features, and also a sharper and faster reacting laser sensor at the bottom to track mouse movement. In this article we will be discussing how you can make the right choice and know which gaming mouse is right for you. For a more in depth analysis, you can go online to

Now one of the first things that you will have to consider is the grip style that you use when gaming. You will need a mouse that is comfortable for you and can make long gaming sessions comfortable instead of leaving you with an aching hand after you play. There are generally three main grip styles and most gaming mice are made in a way that caters to these styles. The styles are the palm grip where you entire hand is on the mouse and your fingers lay flat on the button. The next style is the tip grip, where just your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger are on the mouse. Finally there is the claw grip, where the thumb and two fingers are on the buttons. You should find a mouse that feels comfortable and has buttons placed in places that are convenient for your grip. Changing your grip style is usually not that great an idea, it is easier to find a good mouse.