The Better Way to Run Webpages

If there’s one thing that webpages would be impossible without, then it’s the Java Server page coding software that makes the skeletal structure for the webpage and makes its applications executable. Java is like the background without which most of the applications we interact with on a daily basis would be incomplete, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to have a servlet that can make a webpage usable.

Apache Tomcat is an application server that’s used to render webpages and make the Java applications (basically, all the applications) usable. It emerged from the Apache Jakarta Project and is still one of the most popular servlet container for webpages out there. However, before you start looking for the best Tomcat hosting services you can get, it’s a good idea to first understand why it’s such a good option for you or why there could be better options available to you than this. Here are a few reasons to try it out.

It’s Lightweight

Tomcat might be JavaEE certified but it’s still very lightweight, compared to many other application servers. It’s built from a reductionist point of view and offers the most basic functionality that’s needed for run a server. What this means for the user is that there would be lesser time wasted while the page is being loaded and since it has a relatively faster development cycle, the host benefits as well. However, if you want your webpage to run on a feature rich application server instead then Tomcat might not be the best for you.

It’s Open Source

With a readily available source code, Tomcat allows the user a great degree of freedom to tinker around with different parts of the server. There’s so much flexibility even with such a simple to do application server. This is why open source is always a good thing.