Telltale Signs of Failed Flea Medicine Treatment For Your Pet

Dog owners would agree that fleas are the worst things that can happen to a dog and it is very painful to see your pet riddled with them as they can be very annoying and even dangerous to the health of the pet. Fleas do not only affect the pet but also the pet owner and are a danger to the sanitary conditions of a living space which is why they should be eradicated immediately. The issue is that often times the pet owners take the pets to a vet who then prescribes flea medication and even after the pet takes the medicine, it does not work. Often when pet owners give the pet the flea medicine, they feel that their job is done which does seem like so but they should know that sometimes the medication does not work which is problematic because what should one do in such a case? If such a case occurs then you should take your pet to Buckhead vets or even your regular pet and get the right treatment done. If you are worried that you would not be able to tell if the medication worked on your pet or not then look at the signs that we are going to list down which will inform you of the condition.

Biting, Scratching or Barking

When the fleas are not gone, you might notice that your pet is still biting, scratching or barking (making noises if it is not a dog) like it was before the medication which definitely means that the fleas are not gone.

Evidence of Flea

It is quite possible that you might even see fleas in plain sight on your pet which is the most obvious sign indicating the presence of fleas.