Old Fashioned Vacuum Cleaners: Are They Worth It

Even though we are now adults, most of us can recall the distinct sounds of the vacuum cleaner running on Saturday mornings growing up. A vacuum cleaner has now become a necessity in every house, especially in carpeted homes. Bagged vacuum cleaners are known to be the traditional vacuum cleaners and are still used in numerous households to this day. In case you are interested in knowing about the history of vacuum cleaners, you can visit https://www.vacuumlife.com/inventor-first-vacuum-cleaner/. If you are interested in buying a vacuum cleaner and are not sure what you want to go for, you can keep reading below for a review on traditional bagged vacuum cleaners.

Bag vacuum cleaners consist of a baggie that is placed inside a cloth bag and once the baggie is filled its contents need to be thrown away and then replaced. The biggest advantage when it comes to bagged vacuum cleaners is that they allow for a safer method of disposal. Since the bag is removed entirely, it leaves no rooms for dust, debris or other allergens to spread back into the house, making this a good option for people who have severe allergies. Since they are so easy to remove and empty, bagged vacuums are considered to be the more hygienic option. In fact, their filter does not have to be regularly cleaned either.

The biggest disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaners is the added cost of replacing bags. As your bag gets filled, it needs to be replaced with another bag, the price of which can vary depending on the model of your vacuum cleaner and how frequently you vacuum. So, this will always be an ongoing or added cost that comes with a bagged vacuum cleaner.