Know The Causes of Tooth Loss to Prevent It

When we were kids, losing our teeth was not a big deal because we were told that we would get better and stronger teeth so most of us did not mind (some were even excited by the prospect of the tooth fairy). If an adult thinks about suffering tooth loss in their adult life, they get horrified because people want to have their complete set of teeth and never want to have a gaping hole in their mouth. Sadly, tooth loss is a fairly common occurrence for adults and not just because of old age.

Even if you have never seen someone with tooth loss, you can imagine how bad it can be for that particular person but you can prevent it by taking care of your oral hygiene. A person suffering from tooth loss can go to an orthodontist to see if there is any chance for them or not. Let us now look at the causes of tooth loss so that we can all learn how to avoid it.

Periodontal Diseases

If you cannot remember the name, just remember that it is gum disease which is sadly very common these days. In this type of disease, the gums of the patient gets completely destroyed which causes tooth loss. The problem starts because the patient does not take care of dental health as it is advised and an infection occurs which first affects the gum surrounding one teeth but if it is not treated immediately, it can grow and spread to all gums and ultimately, the jawbone underneath and destroy it completely and cause the falling out of teeth.


Cavities are pretty common but only the severe ones can cause tooth loss. The reason that cavities happen is because people’s diet include too many sugary things and they do not brush their teeth or floss after eating.