How Comics Can Be Better Than Movies

These days the medium that everyone is going crazy over is movies. It has been this way for several decades now, but as a result of this people have started to move away from an art form that is arguably better than movies: comics.

There are so many movies out there that are based on comic books that the entire market has been saturated with them. This alone should tell you just how effective comics are at giving you an enjoyable experience. There are some very good reasons why comics are objectively better than movies. To start off with, movies are just too short. A good story needs to be drawn out, it needs to reveal everything in due time rather than just stuffing everything into a single two hour block in an attempt to cater to short attention spans.

Television shows often help to make storylines a little more satisfying, but the fact remains that they don’t offer another thing that comics offer: imagination. You can imagine the voices that your characters are using, think of your own music and overall just create a situation for yourself where you are the storyteller in a way. Comics are not bound by finances as much as TV shows, so you can see some more fantastical things in them as well.

Books offer you this imaginative journey, but once again comics are better because they offer visuals as well. All in all, comic books are the best of all worlds! You get something from movies, TV shows and books but comic books give you all of these things in a single package. If you want to try comics out, Asterix the Gaul is a good place to start because it is fun and not too heavy.