Gecko Logistics

Gecko logistics is a group dedicated to making sure that all your transport and logistical needs are fulfilled regardless of what type of job and even you are trying to pull off. For any type of project, operation, event, you will have some form of transport needs and that is where Gecko Logistics comes in with its specialization in transportation and tilt tray vehicles so that all your deliveries are made on time and whatever you need is there with you at the correct venue when you need it.

The reason Gecko Logistics has become such a huge and reliable name in Perth and Western Australia is because of the large range of services that we provide and the willingness and flexibility with which we conduct the entire operation. Gecko Logistics has its own fleet of modern transport vehicles that are fully loaded with all the necessary features required to make sure that packages of all sizes and types can be transported without any problem at all. All of that coupled with the fact that we have highly trained, highly experienced drivers with us means that you need not worry about anything when it comes to transporting your goods.

From all the different services that are provided with us, some of our better known and more commonly used services include: the movement of sea containers from ports to an in land site for the delivery of whatever the sea container might be transporting; The movement of bulldozers, scrapers, cranes, excavators and any other type of heavy machinery to the correct construction site and or construction yard, and even move engineering machinery like hydraulic presses and drill machines; The transport and set up of small portable buildings and pre fabricated buildings that have to be installed in some more remote sites.