DUI Lawyers: What They Can Do

There is no excuse for driving under the influence, because when you are behind that wheel with your impaired judgement, you can put a lot of other innocent lives along with your owns at risk. If you happen to have been convicted for a DUI, there are a lot of things that are going to be under consideration like your blood alcohol level at the time, if there were any injuries, damages or casualties and so on. Now before you go for your arraignment, you have to decide whether or not you want a DUI attorney to represent you in court.

If your case is pretty straight-forward, it’s your first time ever driving under the influence and the prosecutor does have strong evidence against you, then a DUI lawyer won’t be able to help you much. However, if you want to keep your DUI off the record or if you feel like your case has certain loopholes, a DUI attorney can assist you on the matter and then present your case on trial. In case you want to avoid going to court, you can settle the matter for quickly by opting for a plea bargain. Most prosecutors don’t mind opting for a plea bargain over having to battle things out in court.

A DUI lawyer can properly negotiate with the prosecutor and can instead, end up charging you with reckless driving, which isn’t as severe as a DUI and your license doesn’t get suspended with this charge either. A DUI attorney can even reduce your sentence in case jail time happens to be involved, which is common in case this isn’t your first time caught driving under the influence. In case you are looking for potential options, you should look up Engel DUI lawyers and get a consultation today.