Don’t Know How to Use a Bias Binding Foot?

Many of us nowadays don’t exactly know how to bind using a traditional sewing foot and you have to go through various steps of binding and feeding the fabric to the machine before finally completing a project. That is where the bias binding foot comes in, that doesn’t require all those complicated procedures and very straightforward once you have knowledge on how to properly execute it. If you want your upcoming sewing machine to look neatly finished without any draping edges then you should definitely think about going for a ribbon or bias binding. Missing the sewing and binding process in a particular quilting task can be highly frustrating as you have to unstitch all the way back where you left the blank.

Binding foot can be adjusted according to the length and thickness of the fabric you are about to sew and it even works uneven surfaces as it is highly adaptive. Always remember to feed the foot the fine edge so that you can keep the fold on the right side, this will make sure that your entire project runs smoothly without any mistakes and blunders. You also no more have to go through pin binding after each interval of your sewing project which is not just time consuming but it can also leave unwanted spaces in the garment. Check out the website of i love quilting forever, if you are looking for high quality and cost effective bias binding foot.

All-metal binding foot is used for heavy duty projects where you are expected to quilt heavy and bulky items at a time. If you want to make mitered corners with maximum level of precision, and then make sure begin the process by sewing up the raw edge of the garment.