Where is Technology Going? A Talk

Technology is advancing very fast. It’s advancing at a much quicker pace than before. And the question is: Where is technology going? Or a better one would one: Where is it taking us to? What’s our destiny with technology? We will answer all of these questions by reviewing the latest and most important advancements in the tech industry.

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A Curious Fact: A Robot Which Solves a Rubik Cube in 1 Second

It’s when we see this kind of things when we begin to understand how quickly technology is advancing. The record is around 10 seconds, but doing it in 1 second is something no human out there can do, and it’s solely reserved for the superior features of the robot.

It may not have a very practical use, but it’s important to see how smart and capable robots are getting, and it’s all due to the advancements in the AI field. And we all can see it now.

The power of robots in terms of intelligence is going through the roof, and it’s all due to the great advancements in the AI field. The discoveries found here are going to have a good and strong impact in several other industries, and we are pretty confident on it.

Technology to Save Lives:

Immune engineering is one of the fields which is evolving quite well and quickly. We talked about it in a previous article you can check here. It’s basically using genetically engineered cells to combat a wide myriad of diseases, with a special focus on cancer.

Even though this field is still kind of new and new research is going on, it’s promising and it’s giving a lot of hope to cancer patients. Because it will be the unique treatment capable of treating cancer without noxious health effects like chemotherapy.

So we are sure that this field will progress quite quickly, because there’s a lot of interest on doing so.

Rescuing Lives:

It’s also interesting to see that there are drones and robots being developed to rescue lives in earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. There are robots ready to attend any kind of disaster to save lives. And this is very good.

These drones and robots are making use of AI. Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest fields right now and nothing will stop its growth. It’s being used in several fields, and it includes rescuing lives.

And with the pass of the time these robots will only evolve more and more. And this is a very good thing, because it means they will have even better capacities for saving lives.

Technology can help us a lot on this world. It can be the gate to lots of new opportunities, and we can see it when we read articles like this one.

Print in The Run: A Pocket-Size Device Makes it Possible!

What if you would print in the run with the help of a small device you could take in your pocket? It’d be amazing, wouldn’t it? And it’s possible. Because on this article we will let you know everything about it.

This device has been created by Zuta Labs, and it’s sure that this invention will take the world over, because it’s radically different to what we are used to see and we are pretty sure it will give a lot to talk about. We recommend you to keep reading this entry.

Why Is It Useful?

Before we talk more about it, it’d be good to know why exactly this device is useful. First off, who wouldn’t like to have the freedom to print important things at any given moment? Everyone would like to. Because sometimes we have to go out fast, and using our typical printer is something we can forget.

So, if you could take a powerful printer in your pocket, wouldn’t it be a pretty useful thing for your life? The answer is quite simple: YES. That’s why Zuta Labs has created this product, to suffice a need of the market.

We are very confident that this product will have a lot of success in terms of finances, because it’s attractive, innovative and offers people a real solution to their problems. The ZUtA is the printer of the future. In a world where everything gets smaller and more powerful, it was about time for a printer of this kind to arise!

It’s kind of expensive. It’s available for pre-order at $314, which is very expensive compared to what a traditional printer costs. But hey, this is one you can take in your pocket anywhere you go, and this is excellent!

But we are sure the price will drop when the time comes. The technology used in this printer is kind of revolutionary, because many had tried to create a pocket-sized printer in the past, but so far now the ZUtA is the unique fully-working model.

Another excellent feature about this small printer is that it can handle all type of paper. No matter how big or small, the ZUtA can handle them all without problems. So if you are looking for a cool and useful gadget, then here you have it, you won’t regret your purchase later.

We can bet on it that ZUtA is just the beginning of a new generation of printers. This market is alive and kicking, therefore many other companies and start-ups will be highly interested on developing a product of this kind. And this is pretty good, because thanks to competitiveness these products will get better and the prices will get more accessible.

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The Most Amazing Technological Advancements of 2016

If you want to learn what have been the best and most relevant technological advancements of 2016, then you should read this article. We will review them all, because we realize how important it is for our world and for you.

This will be a pretty interesting read, we are sure of that. Just keep reading and you will learn all about it. Because you deserve to know what’s going on in our Tech world. And don’t worry, because we are here to inform you of it. Just keep reading and take note if possible.


It’s not surprising to know that drones are advancing at a very accelerated pace. They are just getting better and better with the pass of the time and their functions keep getting more powerful and useful for the public.

For example, back in the day drones were only capable of flying or some time, but now they can even carry heavy objects and work very well in surveillance functions. They are evolving and becoming a lot better with the pass of the time. And in 2016 new models have been launched, which kind of proves how fast this area is advancing.

And for example drones are being implemented in security. The possibilities with drones are endless and we are going to get more amazed about them as the time passes by. We are very confident on it.

Immune Engineering:

This is a brand-new field which promises to save the life of millions of people around the world. It’s all about genetically engineered cells which are capable of saving the life of patients of cancer, and it’s already doing it.

Even though this field yet needs to advance, it’s already showing results and the future is bright. Very bright.

We are sure lots of cancer patients all over the world have high hopes with this new field. Because it has promised to be more effective and far less harmful than chemotherapy. Because as we all know, this kind of therapy can have very detrimental on people who undergo it.

It’s a kind of technology which we could very well consider coming from the future. Just some years ago none would have imagined such thing could ever exist. But now we have it in front of us, and we are sure it will give a lot to talk about in 2017 and afterwards.

Going Further and Closing:

With what we have mentioned previously it’s easy to see how much the world has progressed in terms of technology. And great futurists like Alvin Toffler have predicted that this advancements in technology will only get faster with the pass of the time. Everything is going to get faster and faster no matter what.

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